The Bottom Line
When you’re faced with selling your own home it just might go for less than what you want without professional help from a real estate agent. In a poor real estate market, paying a commission may seem like your loosing some of your investment. Cutting out the Real Estate agent‘s commission might seem like the best way to reduce your losses. The many value added services a professional real estate agent provides can give you the edge you need to sell your home quicker and get you more money than you will doing it on your own.

Yes there are For Sale By Owner site out there but chances are you will not make a deal with a buyer that does not have  a realtor on their side. And many times a Realtor that has a client that wants to purchase a home or condo will not use a FSBO site or home under that category. A professional Real Estate agent has access to buyers that are in the market and know how much the home is worth. A great Real Estate agent uses access to MLS and other tools that help match clients to the homes they want in the areas they are looking for.

Potentially you are cutting out getting a buyer that is ready to purchase right away. With many FSBO listings you get a lot of tire kickers who just waste your time. A real estate agent is ready to get the contracts and knows the laws and customs in the jurisdiction your home is in. Without an agent on your side your savings will go to hiring a real estate attorney.  The potential buyer is in a great position to take advantage of your lack of knowledge with out a professional Real Estate Agent on your side.

Use a professional Realtor that has access to clients and investors as well as all the tools needed to make your home sell for more than you can on your own and for more money than you will get on your own.