Power Washing your home before any showings is very important. You want to how your home in the best light possible. Make your home look like it is easy to take care of.

Pressure washing Vancouver

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Good Reasons to Hire Home Smart as Your Residential Pressure Washing Service is smart for your house on sale.

Although far from brain surgery, power washing does require a certain degree of skill to get great results without damaging your surfaces. We know when to use cleaners so lower pressure can be used and after 19 years, we know what cleaners work best. Cleaners don’t always have to be used but they are almost always essential for cleaning vinyl and fiberglass decks and stucco. The cleaners do the work so that high pressure doesn’t damage these surfaces.

What can power washers clean? :

Power Washing Vancouver

Exterior Cleaning Vancouver

Brick patios
asphalt and concrete driveways
vinyl siding
wood decks
city sidewalks