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Just Listed in North Vancouver, 2250 INDIAN RIVER CRESCENT

WHAT IF…. you could acquire the most incredibly private sanctuary, within 20 mins of downtown & your only visible neighbours would be your other two acreages? There are 3 separate titles, over 14 acres, a 9000 sq.ft., custom built West Coast home, a self-contained Guest House, working 12 stall paddock/barn & Greenhouse. The main residence is nothing less than spectacular, 2 levels melding stone, fir & glass, spilling onto the maturely planted grounds: water features. The homes are mechanically superior & the West Coast architecture and Japanese influence create the perfect backdrop for this retreat. Never before offered as...

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Pressure Washing Vancouver

Power Washing your home before any showings is very important. You want to how your home in the best light possible. Make your home look like it is easy to take care of. Good Reasons to Hire Home Smart as Your Residential Pressure Washing Service is smart for your house on sale. Although far from brain surgery, power washing does require a certain degree of skill to get great results without damaging your surfaces. We know when to use cleaners so lower pressure can be used and after 19 years, we know what cleaners work best. Cleaners don’t always have to be used but they are almost always essential for cleaning vinyl and fiberglass decks and stucco. The cleaners do the work so that high pressure doesn’t damage these surfaces. What can power washers clean? : Brick patios asphalt and concrete driveways pavers stucco vinyl siding wood decks city sidewalks...

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Kitchen Cabinets

We love to show you ways to make your home look better. We even get more excited to tell you about building products that do just that. Not to give up on that tradition we are here to show case Discount Kitchen Cabinets the home of the Cream Shaker. Importers of high quality Kitchen Cabinets and bathroom vanities at factory direct prices. Not only do you get to purchase where the developers, builders, and designers, buy. But their selection of contemporary kitchen designs, modern kitchen designs, solid wood caabiets, and everything in between. We are here to tell yo about the Cream Shaker Kitchen Cabinet. Perfect for the basement suit kitchen. Designed to be durrable and are priced for the DIY’er. Easy to assemble, Easy to transport, and Ready for you! Cream Shaker     If your kitchen is dark with little natural light our Cream Shaker Kitchen Cabinets is exactly what you need to create a brighter effect. These cabinets, painted in high gloss PU paint, are without frames made of particle board with melamine covers. They are extremely durable and extra-easy to clean and are water and moisture resistant. They are crafted in the shaker style with no flaws, blemishes or other imperfections, and being ultra modern they will suit any decor and lend themselves well to your personal touches. All cabinets and drawers have matching interiors with...

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Tree Care Service Vancouver 604-787-5915

Vancouver Tree Removal Company Tree Works is the premier Arboriculture company in the Lower mainland. We boast about our track record and client care. We always leave our projects cleaner than we came, no matter what the service. Tree Works has been doing excellent tree care service in Greater Vancouver for over 15 years. Tree Works sends out only certified Arborist ! In crown reduction pruning, generally not more than 1/3 of the total area is removed in a single operation. Crown reduction and deadwood removal have frequently been done in large Douglas Fir and Red Cedar pines close to building. This allows the winds to move through the tree, lessening chances of tree failure. Also, because more light and air reach the inner portion of the branches, the trees experience less needle loss. Consequently, there is less mess below. We believe this also enhances the natural shape of the tree. Various pruning techniques such as skirting and thinning provide a healthy solution to conserving views without completely removing trees. Hazardous Tree Evaluation & Removal: The first step in any hazardous tree removal is to assess the level of potential harm that the tree could cause if it falls. First we assign a value of 1-10 for the trees failure potential and then we assign a value corresponding to the “target” or what the tree may hit if it...

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Heating & Cooling Equipment

When you are getting ready to drll your home it is important to have it in tip top shape. And that means everything from when you first drive up to how well it shows inside. Keep everything clean and clutter free. As well as haing the Heating or Cooling checked out by a Gas Fitter technician. A Gas Fitter technician will leave a detailed report on the condition of your HVAC equipment and be able to tell the potential owners that it is running safely. It just one of those little things that can be done to leave any doubt to a non professional or a inspector that leaves doubt. Only a certified Safety Service Inspection(S.S.I.) will leave any second guessing out of the way. Call 1-888-we-gas-4u(934-2748) to set up an appointment for your...

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